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France Part III - for the foodies

France Part II

as last year and the year before we spent a weekend in France, this year we booked another house mostly because of the oven outside and the nice garden around the old farmhouse. We enjoyed every minute - nature, food, nice people, campfire, marshmallows and lots of laughter!

Ink and Burger

I had my tattoo appointment in Saarbrücken yesterday. My girls Nadine and Tani accompanied me on this little road trip. Once again your dear friend Retro23 did a great job and I’m the happy owner of the tipi on my thigh now. After that we had a tasty burger at the Burgerei for which  menu Retro23 made the illustrations. Great day with nice people and great food.

A few weeks ago I got a little parcel from fremdformt including a beautiful customized “BIRD” Rind they made for me, this really is my favorite jewelry piece at the moment. Thank you so much for that!!

Fremdformat was founded in 2012 in Heidelberg, the 2 lovely ladies create gorgeous jewelry mostly made of industrial materials like chain pendants that can be personalized. They interpret and transform old things into something new you won’t expect like beautiful necklaces made of stainless stell and brass nuts. Please visit the fremdformat page or check facebook to get your own unique piece.

bon appétit et bon voyage

bon appétit et bon voyage

last sunday in the woods

Goodbye my love, thank you for sharing more than half of your life with us!

Yesterday we had to say goodbye to our 22 years old cat Spooky, she was our first cat and it was hard to let here go but she was a very old lady and her kidneys did not work anymore. Thank you for waking me up every morning, for letting me know when it’s time to go to bed, for sleeping side by side, for your grumpy personality, for being a friend and for your love! We will miss every single day! Take care, my love!

as in the last two years we celebrated a end of summer BBQ this weekend. Nice people, good food - looking forward to next year!!

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